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3 Candle Set - 70g

Item No. 4309855528
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    Diptyque’s limited-edition constellation collection features three candles—Frosted Forest (Unicorn), Fiery Orange (Dragon) and Incense Tears (Phoenix)—emblazoned with mystical creatures illustrated by artist Philippe Baudelocque. The Frosted Forest Scented Candle is a crisp, piney scent with notes of fir needles, Hinoki wood and mint, while the Fiery Orange Scented Candle, inspired by the goddess Athena and her battle with a fearsome dragon, evokes the warmth of a blazing fire with its intense, smoky orange fragrance. The Incense Tears Scented Candle draws inspiration from the Phoenix, a mythical creature reborn from his own ashes; blending hints of incense, laurels, cinnamon and Myrrh for a spicy, woodsy scent.

    • 3 x 70 g
DIPTYQUE - 3 Candle Set - 70g |