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34 Boulevard Saint Germain Scented Oval

Item No. 36018968
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Celebrate diptyque’s 50th anniversary with the 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Scented Oval. This innovative fragrance accessory encapsulates the atmosphere of their first boutique with rare and precious scents. Its signature, a complex aroma neither masculine or feminine, is captured in a handmade white ceramic ring with a hollow engraving of “34” centered in hand-dripped, hardened wax.

    • Fragrance Notes: Fresh, Green & Spicy Accords. Damp Mosses, Crumpled Blackcurrant Leaves, Sun-Dried Fig Leaves.
    • How to Use: Place in a closet, drawer, or other small space for a sophisticated touch of fragrance.
    • Diffuses perfume for approximately 3 months
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