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laura mercier

Angled Cheek Contour Brush

Item No. 4310138823
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Perfectly apply cheek and face products to the contours of the face with the Angled Cheek Contour Brush from Laura Mercier. Its slanted, rounded shape mimics the angles of cheekbones for effortless highlighting and contouring.

    • How to Use: Gently pick up product with the angled side of the brush. Remove excess by tapping on the back of the hand.
    • For Contouring: Use a sweeping motion to shade the under-side of the cheekbone, making sure to blend evenly.
    • For Highlighting: Beginning at the top of the cheekbone, use a sweeping motion to brush colour downward toward the apples of the cheeks.
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