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beauty blender

Beautyblender® Pro + Mini Blendercleanser® Solid Pro

Item No. 4310297512
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Beautyblender® pro ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste. Use it with primers, foundations, powders, cream blushes and any other complexion product. Blendercleanser® solid removes excess residue and germs for a clean makeup application.

    • Set Includes: beautyblender® pro and blendercleanser® solid pro (1 oz)
    • How To Use Beautyblender® pro: Wet beautyblender® with water and squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available. Bounce any complexion product across the face for flawless results.
    • How to Use Blendercleanser® solid pro: Wet beautyblender or makeup brushes. Create a lather by rubbing beautyblender or makeup brushes over the cleanser; repeat if necessary. Gently squeeze beautyblender or makeup brushes and rinse again to remove any excess cleanser and water. Allow to air dry.
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