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Black Phantom Eau de Parfum

Item No. 4309024422
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    Kilian Hennessy intrepidly explores surreal, dream-like visions of a ghostly pirate treasure ship in a unique and supremely sophisticated new gourmand-woodsy fragrance. He weaves into Black Phantom Eau de Parfum the dark and ancient concept of memento mori: the death that sits unseen beside us in this life. To enjoy life fully and wholly, just as we love perfume: reveling in a sensual but inescapably transient moment that can be remembered and treasured, but never preserved.

      Black Phantom Eau de Parfum opens with an accord of Shin Shin — that fiery drink of strong coffee laced with Caribbean rum that was quaffed by the old pirate kings. The aromatic bitterness of the coffee is enhanced by the earthy warmth of vetiver from Java. The intoxicating sweetness of the rum is reflected in the luscious scent of sugar cane at the base of the fragrance, blended with darkly fragrant creamy sandalwood. The result is sheet voluptuous sensuality created for those who live for pleasure.
    • Made in France
    • 50 ml refillable bottle, housed in a black lacquered skull coffret
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