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la prairie


Cellular Power Infusion

Item No. 35709161
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    La Prairie’s Cellular Power Infusion is a breakthrough cell energizer for the skin. It unlocks the inherent power deep within the skin cells to create the look of agelessness in ways never imagined. A series of four vials help to energize, detoxify and renew skin by super targeting the factors for aging: loss of energy, diminished functionality of skin cells and a weakened quality of the skin tissue. Add this potent booster into your skincare regime as needed and turn back the hands of time.

    • Secures a continuous supply of energy to the skin cells to help detoxify skin cells subject to oxidative stress
    • Helps activate epidermal stem cells and supports skin cell renewal
    • Supports rebuilding of skin tissue, enhancing firmness and elasticity
    • Made in Switzerland
    • 8 ml
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