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yves saint laurent

Collector Palette Dazzling Lights Edition

Item No. 4309844845
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    YSL's Holiday Collector Palette Dazzling Lights Edition is a multi-use, all-in-one makeup palette as distinctive as it is stylish. This limited edition design features the Cassandra logo on a sparkling fireworks background. Inside is a thoughtful selection of face, eye and lip shades to combine or use separately to illuminate the face. Add a touch of sparkle to the eyes and lips for a wearable, sophisticated, seductive holiday glow day or night.

    • How to Use: With the blush brush, sweep colour over cheeks or use just as a highlighter on the top of cheekbones. Use one eyeshadow shade to create a wash of colour, or blend together keeping the lighter shades for under the brows, and the darker shades close to the lid. Use the lip brush for precise application of lipstick shades.
    • Palette Includes: Blush/Highlighting Powder (5 g), 4 Eyeshadow Shades (1 g), 2 Lipstick Shades (1.2 ml), Mini Blush Brush, Mini Shadow Brush, Mini Lip Brush
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