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jo malone london

Cologne Intense Collection

Item No. 4309789396
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Jo Malone London's Cologne Intense Collection features five scents to wear alone or combine to create a scent that’s uniquely yours. Combine Tuberose Angelica with Velvet Rose & Oud for an intoxicating, decadent floral; Velvet Rose & Oud with Dark Amber & Ginger Lily for a woody, spicy floral fragrance.

    • This set includes: Tuberose Angelica (9 ml), Velvet Rose & Oud (9 ml), Myrrh & Tonka (9 ml), Dark Amber & Ginger Lily (9 ml) and Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense (9 ml)
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