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charlotte tilbury

Full Fat Lashes Mascara

Item No. 4303355889
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Your search for the one is over. Indulge in ultimate five-star luxury with the perfect 5-in-1 mascara, Full Fat Lashes Mascara: curl, separation, volume, length and drama. With Full Fat Lashes Mascara, Charlotte Tilbury created the perfect 5-in-1: a super luxe, XXL, multi-tasking mascara that creates the perfect "full fat lash" to keep every girl satisfied.

    • Curl lashes with Life-Changing Lashes Eyelash Curler. Brush on Full Fat Lashes Mascara, starting from the inner corner. Zig-zag the brush upwards from the very root of the lashes to curl and separate. At the outer corner, pull the brush up and out to lengthen the lashes and elongate your eye.
    • To finish, nestle the tip of the mascara wand into the roots and brush upwards to add volume to the lash line, as if you were adding individual falsies. Repeat on the bottom lashes for added drama.
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