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L'Eau Gift Box

Item No. 4309704502
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    All the modernity and freshness of N°5 L’EAU housed in an exceptional case. The simplicity and purity of a 100 ml bottle. And the natural addition of a purse spray for perfuming on the go. A limited-edition set for an iconic gift this holiday season. Less abstract than its forebears, the composition of N°5 L’EAU radiates citrus like sun-drenched honey. Top notes of lemon, mandarin and orange soar skyward with the aldehydes. Like a second wind, you can hear the rustle of flowers. Rose melds with airy jasmine and a new fraction of ylang-ylang, more modern than ever. Behind this floral whirlwind, vetiver and cedar impart a novel dynamism, softened by white musk notes. Never has N°5 been so natural. So fresh.

    • How to Use: N°5 L’EAU is worn freely. Simply applied on skin and clothing with the 100 ml bottle in a spontaneous, carefree and generous spray. And as often as desired with the purse spray. A practical, take-anywhere format to revive the notes of your fragrance throughout the day.
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