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bobbi brown

Moisture Rescue Kit

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    The Moisture Rescue Kit is a trio of Bobbi's remedies, designed to revive skin with instant and sustained moisture. For dull, dry skin that has lost its glow, try layering up: Re-energize skin with Skin Reviver, a supercharged, antioxidant-rich ferment that's packed with good-for-you greens and infuses skin with essential nutrients. Next, replenish moisture with a dose of Skin Moisture Solution, a moisture magnet that's like a drink of water for thirsty skin. Finally, bolster skin's protective barrier to lock in moisture (and encourage repair) with Skin Fortifier, a muru muru butter and olive oil-rich formula that helps skin bounce back.

      The Moisture Rescue Kit includes:
    • Skin Reviver (3 ml)
    • Skin Moisture Solution (3 ml)
    • Skin Fortifier (3 ml)
    • Layer 2-3 drops of each formula on clean skin, allowing products to absorb fully in between applications. Remedies can be used individually for targeted treatment.
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