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Orchidée Impériale Discovery Ritual

Item No. 4308315789
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    Guerlain's Orchidée Impériale Discovery Ritual combines three essential products from the Orchidée Impériale routine: the Eye and Lip Cream brightens, smoothes and instantly redefines the contours of eyes and lips; the Longevity Concentrate is an ultra-concentrated serum that restores vitality to even the most tired skin; and the Cream is a silky, comfortable film that softens fine lines and wrinkles while refining skin's texture. As if perfectly renewed and refreshed, your complexion is revived and glows with radiance.

    • This set includes: Orchidée Impériale Eye and Lip Cream (15 ml), Orchidée Impériale Longevity Concentrate (5 ml) and Orchidée Impériale Cream (7 ml).
    • Apply the Eye and Lip Cream, smoothing outwards, under the eye, above it and over the lip contour area. Then apply the Longevity Concentrate followed by the Cream in circular movements. Consult each product for a more detailed application technique.
    • Made in France
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