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Provence Soap Ambre Soir

Item No. 4309846238
$11.00- $27.00
    • 200 g
    • 50 g
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    A signature item of Provence, France, triple-milled French soap gets a luxe upgrade from the artisans at Bastide. This gentle bar provides a delicate lather that keeps skin clean and soft with all of its natural moisture in tact. Provence olive oil, its star ingredient, contains natural lipids that gently nourish and cleanse, topped with the scent of dreamy, sweet amber. Beautifully wrapped and highly giftable, Provence Soap is a perfect companion for your next week-long vacation.

    • How to Use: Massage the soap bar between the hands and work into a lather. Rinse clean.
    • Tip: Store packaged bars of soap in drawers or luggage to add a subtle fragrance to clothes and fabrics.
    • 200 ml
BASTIDE - Provence Soap Ambre Soir  | BASTIDE - Provence Soap Ambre Soir  |