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jo malone london

Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil

Item No. 4303267381
$35.00- $80.00
    • 30 ml
    • 250 ml
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Ruby-rich juices of Pomegranate, Raspberry and Plum are spiked with Pink Pepper, laced with Casablanca Lily and Spicy Woods in Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil. Dark and enigmatic, for a sumptuous bathing treat, the bath oil is enriched with Sweet Almond, Jojoba Seed and Avocado Oils, which are natural conditioners that soothe and hydrate the skin, while sublime fragrances fill the air and scent your skin.
JO MALONE LONDON - Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil | JO MALONE LONDON - Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil |