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la prairie


Silky Glide-On Colour

Item No. 23973340
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    La Prairie’s Silky Glide-On Colour gives a natural looking veil of colour and glow to the skin, and can also enhance the look of a natural tan. Its silken consistency assures smooth, even application and the wide brush applicator makes it easy to control the intensity of colour — from a subtle tint to a sun-drenched tone. This outstanding combination of colour and skincare conditions as it warms the complexion.

    • Apply directly to the skin or over foundation
    • Gives a natural-looking veil of colour and glow to the skin, and also enhances and prolongs the look of a natural tan
    • Brush allows for foolproof application allowing the bronzing powder to glide on easily and smoothly
    • Allows you to achieve the look you want from a subtle flow to a sun-drenched tone
    • Made in USA
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