Genius Material - With one inspired look to the past, Agnona's Creative Director Simon Holloway weaves the brand's iconic knits into a new age of luxury (Picture of Simon Holloway and woman wearing an Alpaca Blanket valued at $1790)

Simon Holloway on:


Mastering a Soft Touch
“Agnona was founded on the integrity of fine materials like cashmere and alpaca. [For Fall 2017] I used graphic wool tweed, purl stitch camel-hair knits, and patched shearling as well. The palette is an organic contrast between classic navy and indigo, and more subtle shades like camel, taupe, and bordeaux.”


Taking ’70s Style into 2017
“This collection came from a photo of Halston on the roof of the Agnona mill wearing a beautiful taupe suit. It prompted me to be very sportswear inspired, where you take separates—coats, jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses, and knitwear—and it becomes all about elevated styling.”

Defining the Agnona Women
“She is a legacy of style; always understated, luxurious, unapologetically feminine. It's really about a glamour of discretion.”


Making It Twice As Nice
“You’ll find extraordinary quality in pieces cut in the “Platino” double-cashmere jersey tailoring. It’s a pliable, modern way of working the double.”




Woman About Town

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Woman wearing knit sweater valued at $1290