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Gift a Holt Renfrew Holiday Bear and help protect the Arctic. Bear Your Heart. Alexandra Weston, Director of Brand & Creative Strategy, Holt Renfrew

This year we’ve teamed up with WWF-Canada for our annual Holt Renfrew Holiday Bear. Inspired by the Great White North, we’ve designed two limited-edition polar bears to cuddle up with—both with a charitable give back that goes towards preserving the unique ecosystems of the Arctic. “As the Earth warms and sea ice melts, wildlife such as polar bears, whales, and caribou face the loss of their habitat. We work with communities to conserve Arctic ecosystems and wildlife while building a sustainable economy,” says WWF-Canada. “When you purchase a Holt Renfrew Holiday Bear, $10 to $30 will go towards making this work possible.” So this season, when you give a Holiday bear hug to someone you love, you’ll be giving one to the Earth, too.


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"WWF-Canada's vital conservation work helps to safeguard part of what makes our country so special."


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