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The Pursuit of LuxuryAn understated—and responsible—approach to design is at the heart of Eleventy, and co-founder Marco Baldassari is its soul. Marco Baldassari, Co-Founder and Men’s Designer, Eleventy
Blazer, $1495.Cargo Pant, $395.

The inspiration

“Eleventy is a lifestyle concept, and our company, our philosophy, is responsible luxury. The brand is made in Italy and we collaborate with the country’s artisans to hand-make most of our products. It makes us competitive and interesting in the high-end market in that we are introducing a culture of excellence, making sure people know who makes our product, and that our artisans are paid appropriately.”

Signature pieces

“An iconic piece is our laser cut jacket. It has a raw edge along the seams, and strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary—you can wear it to work or on the weekend with a t-shirt. Our cargo pants are another because our man travels, whether for business or pleasure. He wants to be chic, comfortable, and practical in what he does and wears every day.”

Today’s wardrobe for men

“I think casual office style is the future. People are changing what they wear to work because you look cooler and younger, and you’re more comfortable. When you finish work, you can go out without changing. It’s a jacket, a shirt, and pants, but not necessarily a suit—easy and chic. What makes the difference is the details. Whether it’s a hand-stitched pocket square, or a wallet chain that adds a touch of youth.”

The first 10 years—and the next

“I think I am the same person as 10 years ago—every day I get up at 7 o’clock and I finish when I finish. I want the business to be the same way. I love to deal with the artisans and clients, and I want them to be happy. I also want to keep working with the best stores and retailers in the world, like Holt Renfrew. Those are my top benchmarks for success.”