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Our History

1837 ad mosaic celebrating 177 years

Holt Renfrew: Celebrating a Proud Canadian Heritage.
Celebrating a 180-year heritage, Holt Renfrew is recognized worldwide for an inspired shopping experience. Once a purveyor of fashion to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Holt Renfrew began in 1837 as a modest hat shop. Over the years the brand developed and expanded across Canada. In the 1930's Holt Renfrew began exclusive accounts with leading European designers and in 1947 hosted Monsieur Christian Dior when he launched his "New Look." After many years of foreign ownership Holt Renfrew was bought in 1986 by W. Galen and the Hon. Hilary M. Weston. Under their ownership Holt Renfrew has become Canada's destination for luxury retail.

Holt Renfrew Men: A New Tradition for the Modern Man
At Holt Renfrew Men, launched in 2014, the world’s most iconic, innovative and stylish ideas are curated for the modern sartorial man. The store experience offers exclusive access to premier luxury men’s brands in sartorial and designer suiting and sportswear, footwear, accessories and home furnishing, as well as an array of services that go above and beyond, including Bespoke Tailoring by Beauchamp, Made to Measure and much more. With every detail considered—from the state-of-the-art store layout to the exclusive world-class menswear offerings—Holt Renfrew Men represents what the luxury shopping experience should be.

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