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Holt Promo
Lowell CoFounders Mathieu Mudie And Rachel Fortin
Measuring Leather For Lowell Handbags
Factory Machine For Lowell Handbags
Spool Of Thread For Lowell Handbags

“In general, I think people have lost touch with how things are made. It’s coming back in food, but with fashion, people don’t care as much; they buy things and throw them away in a season. People don’t think about how it’s made or what’s behind it. A leather bag, or t-shirt for example, doesn’t just grow on trees. It’s a plant before it’s cut to make thread. And then it’s made into fabric, and then a pattern, and so on. It’s a lot of work, and more than anything, we want to know and respect every person that’s been a part of our process.”

“Creatively, our design process comes from need. It’s a small team. Every season we have a new colour, but we’re not putting out whole new collections. Sometimes it’s just one new style, and we do a lot of different tests and samples before arriving at that final result. We make only what we personally need, what we want to use every day.