H Project Fig & Tulip Letterpress Elephant Cards at Holt Renfrew

Following a successful collaboration undertaken to support Clinton Global Initiative commitments to combat elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade, BRIKA — a retail concept that highlights the best of modern craft — is continuing its commitment to the elephant-poaching crisis by partnering with our H Project shop to curate an elephant-themed pop-up.

A portion of sales from the shop will support Save The Elephants, a world-leading elephant research and conservation organization devoted to securing a future for elephants.

H Project Chantecaille Elephant Palette and Me to We Necklace at Holt Renfrew

“Elephants are socially and emotionally intelligent animals that are in a losing battle against land loss, poachers and general human-animal conflict. It was during a trip to Kenya ten years ago that I was deeply struck by their emotional complexity. I watched a group of elephants travel for days and listened to them mourn a dead one. Last October, when I visited the DSWT, I learned even more about their incredible compassion and great similarities to us as social and emotional creatures.”

Alexandra Weston

“I was inspired to create this clutch after a recent trip to Kenya. While I was there I visited the incredible Save the Elephants project. This is our first clutch and I wanted it to be classic, versatile enough to fit an iPad and have the lightheartedness of our brand. Visiting the Samburu National Reserve and witnessing the struggle elephants have first-hand against poaching was a really moving experience. They are wonderfully complex animals with strong family bonds and are integral to their ecosystem. Fortunately, the Clinton Foundation’s Save The Elephants initiative is working to protect elephants and researchers, educating us all on the importance of preservation and sustainability.”


Tanya Taylor Envelope at Holt Renfrew
Brika Elephant Print and Garland at Holt Renfrew
H Project Fig & Tulip Letterpress Elephant Cards and Brika Wood Elephant iPhone Case at Holt Renfrew
Fig & Tulip Pocket Elephant Notebook, Case D. Sibley Art + Design Elephant Tote, and Brika Elephant Pillow at Holt Renfrew

“When we were brainstorming potential partners for creating an all-elephant pop-up anchored around World Elephant Day, we immediately thought of the H Project team at Holts. The statistics around the elephant-poaching crisis are staggering. If we can play a part in supporting those organizations that are truly making a change, we are doing our part. In all honesty, we feel this is only the start of many more elephant collaborations to come!”