Seven years ago, Rita Field-Marsham and Kim Bozak agreed that the best thing about Canada is something many of us often take for granted: our freedom. They saw people across the country boldly expressing themselves in wonderful ways. It was an inspiring realization, and one that set them both out on a journey to document our identity; Canada’s identity.


Their book, Glorious & Free: The Canadians, is the culmination of that journey. The book delves into 33 lives, featuring a blend of intimate interviews, portraits and original illustrations. From track star Andre De Grasse, to innovative Chef Jesse McCleery, to soldier and entrepreneur Bruno Guévremont — the profiles are honest and inspiring. As Yann Martel puts it in the book’s foreword, “we live in a country of extraordinary freedom—a hard-earned gift we must do everything to preserve—and each of these brilliant individuals has made the most of that freedom.”


Now, as part of Uncrate Canada, you can shop Glorious & Free along with an exclusive Smythe book bag. $10 from the sale of every book and tote will go to support PEN Canada, an organization dedicated to protecting freedom of expression.

“We wanted to step away from clichés to show the real values of the country. It’s about Canadians, made by Canadians, for Canadians.”
– Kim Bozak

“[We hear] Canadians are nice and peace keepers, but it’s the cool, audacious and bold part of Canada that we experience on a daily basis. That’s not necessarily projected as prominently, but it might be more relevant today, and it should be.”
– Rita Field-Marsham

“The ability to be whoever you want requires audacity, courage and a boldness that is so much a part of Canada. We found these people that are truly self-actualized, living their dreams.”
– Kim Bozak

“We didn’t set out to include people who had moved to Canada. We didn’t look at where they were born, but when you asked the question you got a range that’s reflective of Canada’s demographics.”
– Rita Field-Marsham

“Multiculturalism and diversity brings conflict. It’s not always comfortable, but the fact we can have a coexistence where we accept that challenge, and explore and imagine it’s going to be great, that’s freedom.”
– Rita Field-Marsham