But it’s not only familial nostalgia that keeps Van Noten firmly situated on the periphery of fashion’s core metropolises. For one, Antwerp gives him the space he needs to garden and collect. The studio’s reservoir of eclectic inspirations spills over into his home, which boasts a more than 50-acre garden lush in vegetables, shrubs, trees and flowers. “The serenity of this city gives me a wholly different view on a lot of things and inspires my work in the meantime,” he reasons. The pace. The space. There’s room to play and delve deeper into his fabric research: “The way they drape, their genesis and their feel will always entertain my passion for design.”

For 2017’s first menswear collection, Van Noten was inspired by a serene scene not unlike his own. And you can be certain that the master of embellishments, textiles and appliques

can create a pretty handsome moodboard to illustrate it. This season a classic English manor was the starting point. From there, a twist of flowers, tapestries, ceramic art and calligraphy set the stage for the rogue renaissance man that Van Noten fans have come to eagerly anticipate. Elegant and unexpected—like this spring’s camo and Enlightenment print. A fusion of art and craft.

Just like his curated studio, home and garden, Van Noten’s approach to design remains alchemic. “The work and goal is more one of restraint and dose,” he says. “I have always been very attracted to prints, embroideries and colours, though it is the measure with which they are applied that fascinates me. And this is ever more the case with men.”