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Confort Extrême Hand Cream


Item No 3473311314017


The Sisley Confort Extrême Hand Cream with Harpagophytum is a complete hand care product combining hydration, nutrition, repairing and protection. The unique combination of plant extracts with nutritive, healing (Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil) and hydrating (Guava and Carrot Extracts) properties instantly soothes and provides long-lasting hand protection. Harpagophytum Extract soothes and softens skin. Hydrophilic plant waxes provide long-lasting comfort and a silky feel. Its creamy, ultra-soft and delicate texture is instantly absorbed. It leaves a non-greasy, non-sticky protective film on the skin. Hands regain their beauty, softness and suppleness.Formulated with:
  • Shea Butter: nourishes, soothes, repairs and protects; Plant Glycerin: hydrates; Vitamin E Acetate: anti-free radicals; Sunflower Oil: nourishes, revitalizes; Guava Extract: hydrates; Hydrophilic Plant Waxes: long-lasting comfort and soft powdery feel; Panthenol: hydrates the nails, which regain their flexibility and shine; Carrot Extract: hydrating properties; Echinacea Extract: soothes; Lavender Essential Oil: soothes; Harpagophytum Extract: soothes and improves hand suppleness.
  • Confort Extrême Nutritive Hand Care as often as necessary to clean, dry hands. This hand care product is also recommended for strengthening nails and softening cuticles.
  • Made in France
  • 75 ml