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The Magic Skin Trilogy


Item No 5060332329021


Learn the secret of red carpet-ready skin with Charlotte's Magic Skin Trilogy, which contains the award-winning Magic Cream and two new anti-aging and youth-boosting products: the stem cell cream-elixir Magic Night Cream and fast turnaround Magic Eye Rescue for a goddess-gorgeous skin trilogy that gives incredible results, no matter how dehydrated or lacklustre your skin may feel. The trio boast a secret mix of patented anti-age ingredients including Winter Daphne Stem Cell Elixir, time-released Retinol and anti-aging BioNymph Peptides that helps to transform tired skin.
  • Get glowing, youthful skin in an instant by applying my Magic Cream to the tips of the middle three fingertips of each hand and blending into the cheeks upwards and outwards in an angel wing motion.
  • For age-defying, plumped-up dewy skin apply a generous layer of my Magic Night Cream to face and neck in small circular motions working from the centre of the face outwards using your fingertips.
  • Apply a small, pea-size amount of my firming and toning Magic Eye Rescue to the tip of your ring finger and gently dot under the eyes on the top of the cheekbones. Then gently tap above the eyes across the brow bones and repeat the tapping in a circular motion all around the eyes to reduce puffiness and allow the cream to work its magic!