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Neroli Portofino Private Blend Candle


Item No 888066065856

Immerse yourself in the world of TOM FORD with the artfully crafted Neroli Portofino Private Blend Candle. Encased in exquisite glass, this scented candle is composed of the most luxurious ingredients. The candle comes with a stylish accessory to make it the ultimate object d’art: the dual-use Private Blend Candle Cover. Designed as a holder, it beautifully encases the candle and can also be used as a cover to protect it from dust. With a careful process that produces a unique surface pattern, each cover is a one-of-a-kind creation.
  • The scent of Neroli Portofino Private Blend Candle perfectly captures the cool breezes, sparkling clear water and lush foliage of the Italian Riviera. TOM FORD's reinvention of a classic eau de cologne features crisp citrus oils, surprising floral notes and amber undertones to leave a splashy yet substantive impression.
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  • Height: 8.5 cm (3.4")
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  • Estimated burn time 40 hours