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Eau De Minthe Perfumed Bracelet


Item No 3700431422019

This perfume-infused bracelet diffuses the Fougère notes of Eau de Minthe . Fitted with a detachable clasp, it is easy to tie and untie. For a more intense diffusion of the fragrance, wrap the bracelet twice around the wrist.
  • Fragrance Family: Fougère
  • Key Fragrance Notes: Patchouli, Géranium, Menthe.
  • How To Use The Perfumed Bracelet: Pull the bracelet from the dispenser and wrap it loosely once or twice around the wrist. Cut the bracelet with the dispenser's integrated blade. Tie a tight knot at each end of the bracelet. Pass one of the knotted ends through the clasp. Wrap it around the wrist and repeat the previous step with the other end. Renew the bracelet each week without changing the clasp. Do not place the bracelet under water.
  • The dispenser contains up to 30 bracelets.
  • Made in France