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Matrix Metal Eau De Parfum


Item No 3760284780025

This perfume forged in the image of gleaming metal, molten metal, still hot, waiting to be moulded yet already with the power to cut. Based on aldehydes, woods and ambers, juniper berries bring a dry, crisp note taken up by the sharp needles of sclarene conifers to give this scent a neat, classy note. Pine, vetiver and amber accords provide glowing undertones of red-hot iron, with a hint of myrrh for smouldering comfort.
  • Top Notes: Metallic Notes, Landes Pine, Saffron.
  • Middle Notes: Juniper Berries, Sclarene, Aldehydes.
  • Base Notes: Myrrh, Vetiver, Amber Notes.
  • 50 ml
  • Made in France