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Brow Pencil & Brow Groomer


Item No 7611773272537

Beautiful eyebrows are a must for a pretty and polished look. La Prairie's Brow Pencil & Brow Groomer is a dual-action brow pencil and groomer, which can quickly and easily shape your eyebrows as skillfully as a professional. It features a smooth-textured, long-wearing brow colour at one end and a spiral styling brush at the other, an ideal tool to subtly define and groom your brows. As an added bonus, Brow Pencil & Brow Groomer comes with a refillable colour cartridge.
  • For a natural looking brow, lightly feather in the colour with soft strokes of the pencil
  • A portable duet, brow pencil and brow groomer for smooth, controllable and even application
  • A soft, durable pencil requires no sharpening
  • Made in USA