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Météorites Compact


Item No 3346470418899

Guerlain's Météorites Compact transforms its legendary Météorites pearls into a stunning compact. The pearls are finely pressed to a beautiful mosaic of light-enhancing and corrective shades. Together, they create a subtle and natural effect by giving every skin tone just the right amount of light and correction, which refreshes, catches light and gently balances complexion. When the compact is applied, skin glows with purest light, looks soft, smooth, delicate and beautifully natural.
  • Use a brush to apply the compact evenly over the entire face to fix makeup and improve hold.
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  • For a greater boost of radiance, highlight the cheekbones and other prominent parts of the face; trace a G from the centre of the forehead, towards the top of the cheekbone, then from the bridge of the nose towards the chin.
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  • 10 ml