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Météorites Voyage Powder Compact


Item No 3346470420625

Guerlain's Météorites Voyage Powder Compact corrects and illuminates the skin’s complexion thanks to its colourful and luxurious formula. The refillable case holds an exceptional blend of five different colours of micro pearls is hand-made and compacted by Guerlain's craftsmen — the perfect mix of correcting and illuminating shades, which adapts to all skin-types. The creamy texture perfectly melts on the skin so that it instantly appears softer and its colour correcting properties refresh dark zones and catches the light on rounded zones.
  • Apply evenly to the entire face to fix makeup and improve hold.
  • For a greater boost of radiance, highlight the cheekbones and other prominent parts of the face by tracing a G from the centre of the forehead, towards the top of the cheekbone, then from the bridge of the nose towards the chin.