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Rouge Louboutin Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil


Item No 810413027538

Christian Louboutin expands his Rouge Louboutin collection with Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil in his iconic shade of red. The lightweight, non-stick beauty oil contains jojoba oil to moisturize and soften lips. The glossy Rouge Louboutin colour adds dimensions, giving the appearance of fuller lips. Encased in a vial with a mermaid tail pattern and an ombre effect, it is crowned with a turret-like crown reminiscent of the Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement. The decorative case can be worn as a necklace.
  • How to Use: Rouge Louboutin is the iconic red that complements every skin tone. Rouge Louboutin Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil is especially versatile because of its sheer colour and lightweight texture and can be worn alone, or combined with other lip products to create unique textures and shades.
  • 4 ml