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Dior Homme Sport Eau De Toilette


Item No 3348901333054

Dior Homme Sport Eau de Toilette is a sexy, woody fragrance with a juicy, spicy freshness. Dior Homme Sport is reinvented to more fully embody a life lived with sport as philosophy, not a race for performance. The notion of a life in motion, free and intense, full of love, laughter and dreams imbued with sensuality. The composition of Dior Homme Sport plays on facets of fruity-spicy freshness while retaining the sexy, woody notes of Dior Homme's identity. "Dior Homme Sport is a story that starts off strong and fast, and never lets up. A meteor that bursts with a lasting, intense pleasure." —Perfumer François Demachy
  • Top Note: Essence of Citron. Grown in Italy and Corsica since Roman times, this large fruit from the citron tree resembles a lemon. Essence of citron is obtained through expression, lavishing all of its freshness on Dior Homme Sport.
  • Heart Note: Pink Pepper Extract. The pepper tree bears clusters of berries that are used as spice and known as pink pepper or Brazil pepper. Native to South America (Brazil), this tree is now grown on Reunion Island. Red in colour and the size of a pepper corn, its berries grow in clusters and emit an intense spicy fragrance.
  • Base Note: Vetiver from Haiti. Native to India and Indonesia, but also found in Haiti and Reunion, vetiver is a perennial plant whose fragrant substances are contained in its roots. The essential oil is obtained through steam distillation. The lingering scent of vetiver is used in woody, chypre and oriental compositions. Vetiver offers its refined boldness as the base note of Dior Homme.