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Sauvage Very Cool Spray Fresh Eau de Toilette


Item No 3348901352314

Uninhibited, masculine, fresh. Discover the new way to wear fragrance: an unbreakable bottle you can spray any way, take anywhere and apply any time. The air-powered system, an exclusive Dior innovation, is environmentally friendly. Sauvage Very Cool Spray is a radically fresh interpretation of the eau de toilette."Although Sauvage Very Cool Spray is a composition as 'direct' as the eau de toilette, I saw it as a way of highlighting Sauvage's structure. I wanted to reveal its framework and its essence, so that this search for lightness and freshness remained a strong signature." —François Demachy
  • Reggio Bergamot: François Demachy likes the top notes of his men's fragrances to carry the snap of citrus. For the House of Dior, he chose an exclusive bergamot that he shaped with local producers to obtain a custom signature.
  • Sichuan Pepper: Sichuan pepper is the finest in the world, releasing a spicy vibration with lemony and slightly camphoric accents.
  • Ambroxan: An ingredient of natural origin derived from the very precious ambergris, it unfurls its marine woody notes, as vivifying as the ocean spray.
  • 100 ml