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Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask – Single


Item No 5060332327706


Imagine a revolutionary mask that could make all of your magic skin wishes come true. Charlotte Tilbury introduces a revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask in a sensational collaboration with a laboratory of the future, to create a unique dry sheet mask. Its super-charged bio-mimetic delivery system is able to give the same level of attention to your complexion that Charlotte Tilbury would herself. It instantly smoothes, reduces wrinkles, brightens, lifts and hydrates exactly where your skin needs it most. Because it is dry, this mask won’t harbor bacteria like wet sheet masks. Use this mask up to three times anywhere and anytime.
  • Includes one mask
  • Each mask can be re-used up to three times
  • Designed with ear loops that slip over the ears and fasten for easier application and wear
  • It has a bio-mimetic vector delivery system that allows for a prolonged release of actives
  • The burst release effects of this mask last for up to eight hours
  • The technology has a built-in five skin solution IQ, which allows it to feed the skin exactly what it needs

  • Active Ingredients:
  • Vitamin B3 brightens tone and revives the skin’s glow
  • La matrice de cellules souches de plantes raffermit la peau et aide à réduire les rides
  • L'extrait de bulbe de crocus redensifie la peau, contribue à sa restructuration et favorise la production de collagène et d'élastine
  • Les peptides agissent en synergie pour atténuer les rides
  • Les huiles et beurres magiques aident à renforcer la barrière lipidique, gage d'un éclat naturel et sain