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White Marble Treatment Bar


Item No 614969019821

The Erno Laszlo White Marble Treatment Bar daily, dual-action cleanser gently exfoliates and clarifies skin’s surface as it fights dark spots at their source — all through the day. With powerful time-release brighteners and smoothing fruit acids, skin looks its brightest and most balanced. - Exfoliates gently as it cleanses, to clarify and brighten - Brightens with a nano-encapsulated active that slips into cells to block melanin over several hours - Revitalizes, vanishing dark spots and dullness as it boosts skin cell turnover.

  • Formulated with: Fruit Acid Complex, from Sugar Cane, Lemon, Bilberry and other plants rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids, gently exfoliates to smooth and prep skin to absorb brightening actives.
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  • LumiWhite Complex, derived from Scotch Pine Bark, is a patented intensive brightener, vanishing dark spots by disrupting melanin production.
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  • Willow Bark Extract is both a micro-exfoliator and antioxidant, so it promotes skin cell turnover while soothing and conditioning skin.
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  • Dip bar into a basin of comfortably hot water, then gently massage over the face. Splash face 20 times with the “Treatment Water” in the basin. Splash 10 more times with comfortably hot running water to rinse, then blot dry.
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  • 100 g