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Daytime Cream - Dry Skin


Item No 5694230071357

Face the day ahead with fresh, youthful-looking skin thanks to Bioeffect's Daytime Cream for Dry Skin. Rich and luxurious in texture, this nourishing anti-aging day cream has been specifically developed for dry skin and works in tandem with Bioeffect's EGF Serum to prolong its night-time activity. Its quick-absorbing formula hydrates the skin for a perfectly plumped complexion and is well-suited as a base for makeup.
  • After cleansing the face in the morning, apply on the whole face and down the neck.
  • Formulated with EGF cellular activator, which occurs naturally in human skin and turns on the biological processes involved in maintaining radiant-looking skin.
  • 50 ml
  • Made in Iceland