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Cellular Cream Platinum Rare


Item No 7611773152242

Using La Prairie’s Cellular Cream Platinum Rare will give you an extraordinary, transformative experience. La Prairie went to the ends of the earth to uncover the most beneficial ingredients for this cream. Colloidal platinum helps recharge skin's balance, increasing its absorption of nourishing ingredients. Climate-activated hydration adjusts to changing humidity levels and skin’s temperature releasing moisture as needed by the skin. Applying the most advanced cellular science discoveries, this rejuvenating cream preserves skin texture and tone, and restores a radiant glow. There is nothing else like it; it’s the pinnacle of art, science and luxury combined.
  • Anti-wrinkle firming peptide, combined with platinum, works more effectively to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and maintain the skin´s firmness
  • Powerful peptides soften expression lines and rebuild skin´s structure to minimize the appearance of wrinkles
  • Adjusts to changing humidity levels and skin's temperature for continuous perfect hydration
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 150 ml