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Capture Totale Night Crème


Item No 3348901189088

More beautiful and visibly younger-looking upon waking — this is the feat of Dior's new Capture Totale Night Crème, the prodigious skincare with a boosted age-defying, anti-fatigue formula. Enriched with Longoza Extract from the Dior Gardens along with Grape Seed, the Night Crème stimulates the nighttime regenerative power of stem cells to correct visible, deep-set signs of aging and fatigue. Its enveloping texture frees facial features from tension upon application, and stress wrinkles disappear upon waking. Day after day, the skin is smoother, regains its plump volume and appears rested.
  • Key Ingredient: Longoza, the antiaging jewel of Dior Gardens.
  • Discovered in Madagascar twenty years ago by Dior ethnobotanists, Longoza has become the outstanding natural activator of Capture Totale skincare. Ten years of research has enabled scientists at Dior to reveal its multiple antiaging properties and exceptional regenerative power on skin cells.
  • 60 ml