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GloPRO® LIP Edition Microneedling Regeneration Tool


Item No 851262002208

Shipping to Quebec is currently unavailable for this item.

GloPRO® LIP Edition Microneedling Regeneration Tool includes both LIP and FACE MicroTip™ Attachment Heads. The LIP MicroTip™ Attachment Head's painless microneedles are designed for use directly on and around the lip area for plumper, fuller-looking lips, while The FACE MicroTip™ restores skin's radiance, volume and fine lines.

  • Set Includes: GloPRO® LIP Microneedling Regeneration Tool, FACE Microtip™ Attachment Head, 5 GloPRO® Skin Prep Pads, GloPRO® Stand, Power Cord and Adapter, Empty Sanitizing Spritzer Bottle, 2 AAA Batteries Pre-Installed in GloPRO®
  • How To Use GloPRO®: Use at night after you cleanse and prior to serum or moisturizer. Roll GloPRO® attachment heads across the targeted area applying light pressure in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions. Avoid the eyelid.