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Skin Icing Glopro® Cryo Rollers Attachment Heads For Eyes + Face/Body


Item No 810813032217

Two professional-grade, stainless steel Cryo GloPRO® attachments designed to harness the natural power of ice-cold temps to instantly de-puff, tighten pores and detoxify skin for a clearer, sculpted, more radiant appearance. Crafted of 100% stainless steel for even, sustained delivery of cold therapy, to chill skin to the critical 45°F temperature known to help increase micro-circulation, collagen production and flush out toxins.


For AM+PM use.

  • Step 1: Cleanse face, pat dry, then apply your favorite serum or facial oil.
  • Step 2: Remove Cryo Attachment Heads from fridge or freezer and allow them to sit for 5 minutes. Attach Cryo Heads to GloPRO®. (Use the narrow roller for under the eyes and more targeted areas. Use the wide roller for larger areas of the face and body).
  • Step 3: Using roller, start at the center of the face and roll outwards with long strokes towards the lymphatic drainage points near your ears and down towards your heart.
  • Step 4: Replicate the outward motion on the forehead and chin areas to rejuvenate skin, tighten pores and enhance skincare absorption. Roll gently over muscles and joints to provide soothing relief.
  • Store in fridge or freezer between uses. If storing in the freezer, wait five minutes before use.
  • Attachment heads only, GloPRO® Tool is sold separately.