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2-In-1 Palette: Highlighter – Lip And Cheek Colour


Item No 4310509833

Colour: 190 Éclat Solaire
The summer version of the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE. A 2-in-1 palette to highlight the face and embellish it with colour in just a few strokes. A perfect colour trio for easy makeup application at any time of day. Two highlighters to enhance areas of the face that catch the light. One bright red to accentuate cheekbones or tint the lips. Your complexion is revived and your face glows with beauty. Highlighter and blush: molded cream texture.
  • How To Use Highlighter: Apply one of the two highlighters to areas of the face that catch the light (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow). For an even more radiant complexion, apply highlighter 1 to entire face. For additional shimmers of light, apply highlighter 2 to the inner corners of the eyes and on eyelids.
  • How To Use Lip and Cheek Colour: Apply a touch of colour to your cheekbones and lips. You can apply the colours of the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE ÉTÉ with a brush or fingertips.
  • 9g