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Healthy Light Creator Mask - Revitalizing - Brightening - Nourishing


Item No 4310170693


LE BLANC Masque Healthy Light Creator is a 3-in-1 brightening cooling night mask that refreshes and amplifies skin's natural healthy glow overnight. Its innovative formula delivers an immediate cooling effect to revive the complexion for bright, translucent and radiant skin. The mask works holistically with the skin by acting on 3 major aspects of skin's appearance : revitalizing and brightening the skin while restoring hydration. Upon awakening, skin looks healthy. It appears even, luminous, plump, and smooth. The complexion bursts with a healthy pure light.
  • How to Use: At night, apply evenly to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Use at the end of your beauty ritual, after your cream. Allow LE BLANC Masque to infuse the skin overnight. Used as the final step in the LE BLANC night-time ritual, it acts as a boosting veil that amplifies the benefits of the previous steps.
  • 50 g