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The Cleansing Cream


Item No 44236719

All the voluptuousness of the N°5 note is revealed in the Cleansing Cream. The shower becomes the first step in the perfuming ritual with a creamy texture that billows into a fine and delicate lather. The skin is left soft, supple and subtly scented. Inspired by the smooth harmony of rose and jasmine that composes N°5, the cleansing cream was formulated as a sensual continuation of the N°5 floral bouquet.
  • The notes of N°5 are expressed at the heart of a complete perfuming ritual featuring three moments for the bath, the body and the senses. The bath invites you to relax and unwind, cocooned in the lingering notes of the fragrance, fully immersed in the world of N°5.
  • Moisturizing body products procure true moments of well-being, while new, delectable, sense-awakening textures provide the finishing touch. At the heart of the bath ritual, the cleansing cream delicately fragrances the skin. It brings a sense-awakening touch to the N°5 perfuming ritual.
  • 200 ml