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Smooth - Soften - Brighten


Item No 5000147267

With La Crème Main Smooth - Soften - Brighten, Chanel reinterprets a timeless step to meet the expectations of today's women. Singular and innovative, its design was thought like a true handbag accessory. Fitting perfectly into the hand, the packaging maintains its shape and protects the formula. Le Crème Main is a complete care product for hands and nails that moisturizes, smooths and brightens skin. Its addictive and melt-away texture is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving hands free after application. Hands are perfectly nourished, continuously moisturized and delicately scented. Perfectly cared for, hands are soft, protected via hydration with a visibly more even tone. Nails are strengthened and cuticles are softened. Hands are optimally prepared for a manicure.
  • How To Use: Apply onto hands as desired.
  • 50 ml