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Brioni was founded under extraordinary circumstances, where in the 1950s and ‘60s, Rome became increasingly international with travellers and American cinema. It was also a time when people started to experiment with new fashion, and among the growing businesses in the region was Sartoria Brioni. A small atelier with just 20 tailors, its fame grew significantly as Hollywood stars championed the brand and brought the international spotlight to it. Brioni was born at the right time, in the right place, and with the right people.

Today, over 400 master tailors work at its factory in Abruzzo. They are the boundless heralds of the men’s tailoring art, both men and women who achieve the highest level of sartorial excellence. Their artistry is imbued in all the unseen details that distinguish Brioni garments. From the initial cutting to the final ironing phases, they impart expertise to all the steps that bring a Brioni men’s suit to life, rendering it an unmatched creation and an emblem of the expertise handed down from generation to generation. Every suit is the result of the Brioni method, a process unique to the company that requires 220 steps and more than 22 hours of effective workmanship.

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