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La Vallée du Temps Candle Ritual Set


Item No 3700431498649

A refillable candle, a candle snuffer and a wick trimmer. This gift set from the collection Les Mondes de Diptyque ("The Worlds of Diptyque") includes a refillable La Vallée du Temps (Valley of Time) candle and a golden wick trimmer and candle snuffer. The full ritual: a perfect gift for anyone who wants to take the best possible care of their candle. To celebrate the holiday season, Diptyque is showcasing the magic of the flame in a unique manner. In the form of a calligram inspired by the poetic definition found in the Encyclopédie des Lumières, "flame" becomes the central motif of a special collection.
  • How to use: Each candle from the collection "Les Mondes de Diptyque" is an exceptional product requiring particular care and attention.
  • To enjoy your candle to the fullest: The first two times the candle is lit, let it burn for at least 5 hours each time until all the wax has become liquid on the surface. This will prevent the wax from hollowing out and forming a well around the wick.
  • Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the candle. This will prevent the hot wax from splattering.
  • To ensure that the candle burns evenly, recenter the wick using the wick trimmer once the candle has been extinguished and while the wax is still liquid.
  • Regularly trim the wick with the wick trimmer (ideal length 3 to 5 mm) to avoid the candle smoking or overheating.
  • 270 g
  • Made in France