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Candle Care Duo - Wick Trimmer & Snuffer

$32 $27

Item No 5000578907

Take care of your candles with our wick trimmer & snuffer set. Made with stainless steel and embossed with 'Scent your journey', these tools will help you prepare your candles for lighting and will safely extinguish them.
  • How to use trimmer: Before lighting your candle, trim the wick. Open your trimmer handles, bring the scissor blades to the wick, parallel with the wax, and trim the wick height to 1/4". Discard the trimmed wick. As a safety precaution, do not leave trimmings in the candle. Wipe clean after use.
  • How to use snuffer: Carefully cover the candle flame with the snuffer bell, making sure not to dip the bell into the wax. Hold the snuffer bell in place until the flame is extinguished. Wipe clean after use.
  • Made in Canada