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Bright Eyes Illuminating Colloidal Silver and Collagen Eye Patch


Item No 851262002994

Shipping to Quebec is currently unavailable for this item.

Colloidal silver infused collagen eye patches revitalize the delicate eye area in minutes. The cooling gel patches help de-puff, brighten and fill in The appearance of fine lines by improving micro-circulation and infusing The delicate under-eye area with calming aloe.

  • How To Use Eye Patch: May be used daily or weekly. Store individual packets in the refrigerator for an extra calming experience. Gently place patch onto clean, dry under-eye area avoiding direct contact with the eye. Allow to soak into the delicate eye area for at least 10 minutes. May also be used on nose to mouth lines. Discard patches after each use.
  • 15 pairs of eye patches.