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Time has become a luxury in today’s fast-paced world, with technology letting us achieve more and more each day—but also creating the expectation that we will, every day. That we’ll always be on, always be connected, always be taking things in. The same goes for the fashion industry, where the demand for constant newness has created a never-ending stream of clothes and accessories—which sounds ideal in theory, but in reality, is overwhelming.

However, there are brands that are taking a stand against this never-ending quest for more—and The Row is one of them. Launched in 2006 by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, The Row flies in the face of the flashy and fast-paced, opting instead for a considered approach to contemporary design. Founded in tradition, but modern in execution, the brand has quietly built a dedicated following for its womenswear business, attracting customers who appreciate understated quality—and are willing to pay for it. Now, they’re offering the same for men.

“The Row’s womenswear began without doing any press during its conception, sold with select wholesale partners,” explains Mary-Kate Olsen. “It’s important for us to do the research. We want to be able to offer the menswear market those same core foundation pieces at a luxury level.” Research and a quest for quality led The Row’s team across the globe to build their ideal men’s wardrobe. Tailoring draws on European bespoke techniques, like light floating hand stitch canvas construction, but are crafted in Japan to capitalize on modern technology and precision. Shirting is produced in France, and knitwear in Italy, while denim and T-shirts are made in the USA—staying true to the Olsen’s mission of supporting fashion manufacturing in their home country.

And while the Olsen’s are calling this their first menswear collection, their research also included small forays into men’s clothing in the past, testing the waters to help them get everything exactly right. “We did one menswear capsule collection many years ago, and in 2016 launched a retail menswear capsule. It was imperative that we received our customers’ feedback and to approach this collection thoughtfully at our pace,” notes Ashley Olsen. Slow, steady, and always stylish, that’s The Row to its core—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Row Menswear is available at Holt Renfrew Men and Vancouver.